Volcano Tour from Hilo
Hilo Volcano Tours
In one day you will visit the main sites of Hilo and Volcanoes National Park.
Starting at $115.00

Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo
Volcano Tour from Oahu Airfare Included!
Oahu Volcano Tours from Honolulu
Spend a day touring Hawaii’s active volcanoes at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
Starting at $435.00

Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo
Circle of Fire + Waterfall – Hilo
Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo
Big Island waterfalls & volcanoes lava flow spilling into the ocean.
Starting at $282.00

Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo
Deluxe Volcano ExperienceHawaii Circle Plus Volcano
This is the adventure you’ve probably been waiting for visiting the Big Island of Hawaii.
Starting at $229.00

Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo

Helicopter with Open Doors – Hilo
Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo
No bigger thrill than leaving the doors behind so there is nothing between you & the sights!
Starting at $299.00

Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo

Volcano Helicopter Tour - Waikoloa
Volcano Helicopter Tour - Waikoloa
Fly from Kona to see exciting volcanic activity in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
Starting at $463.50

Volcano Helicopter Tour - Waikoloa

Twilight Volcano AdventureVolcano Night Tour – Hilo
This in-depth experience takes you off-the-beaten path to sites unknown to most visitors.
Starting at $205.00

Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo

Volcano Kohala Landing – Kona
Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo
Hawai‘i Island plus land at a remote overlook the beautiful Kohala area.
Starting at $639.00

Volcano Helicopter Tour – Hilo

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July 2017: LAVA is Flowing and Viewable from Boats & Helicopters

Flowing with Fun and Adventure
There are aspects to Hawaii that many travelers won’t get the chance to experience, but by being here, you’re already a step ahead of the ill-informed masses. Volcanoes speckle the islands and while your initial instinct is likely to veer away from exploring them, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice by not viewing these natural wonders. They’re a part of Hawaiian culture and history, so if you’re looking to get the most out of your Hawaiian excursion and truly see all there is to see, then a Hawaiian volcano tour needs to be in your travel itinerary.

Latest Blog Post: Tips for Visitors to the Hawaii Volcano National Park Even though you may feel geared up and ready for your day-long excursion through the Big Island’s Hawaii Volcano National Park, there are still some things to be aware of.

The View from Above
Of course, if you’re aiming to get the best view of a volcano you’re going to want an overhead view. Through a variety of available packages, your chances to see some of these natural beauties from above increases tenfold. A selection of helicopter tours, offered with an open-door view to give an unprecedented view of the surrounding region, are readily available for adventurers that aren’t weary of heights.

Van and Guides
Tourists will explore the most active volcanoes around the globe, including Kilauea volcano located on the main island of Hawaii. Along with your aerial view of the beauty of these monumental natural structures, you’ll soar over lush forests, crystal clear waters, and black sanded beaches.

Where Lava and Water Meet
If helicopters aren’t your speed, maybe you’ll enjoy taking to the cooling waters of the southeast coast of East Hawaii. Over rocking waters, you’ll be brought in close proximity to lava still flowing into the ocean. Departing from Pohoiki Boat Ramp, otherwise known as Issac Hale Beach Park, guests will sail near the Big Island Lava coastline where lava tubes, black sandy beaches, geological wonders, and wondrous sea arches await the snap camera lenses.

Big Island Volcanoes

Big Island Volcanoes Update

July 13th, 2017

Activity Summary: Eruptions continues at Kīlauea Volcano's summit in Halemaʻumaʻu and on the East Rift Zone at Puʻuʻōʻō. The summit lava lake has risen overnight and this morning is about 13 m (43 ft) below the floor of Halemaʻumaʻu.