10 Reasons to take an organized Hawaii Volcano Tour

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Some travelers refuse to go on an organized tour. For some people, like myself, the idea of being herded like cattle into a bus is very distasteful.

But I have learned that there are certain times and places where tours are the best way to get a full experience. A tour is managed by a company that does it every day and has developed a schedule that is efficient and inclusive.

Some examples of places that you should visit on an organized tour are Pearl Harbor, Gettysburg, and the Vatican. These places are popular and guides make it easier to see it all in a day.

Some places that can be visited on your own—allowing you maximum flexibility—are the Eiffel Tower, Bishop Museum, and Disneyland. These places are easy to get around, so guide is not necessary to the experience.

To get the most of your experience on Hawaii’s Big Island, an organized volcano tour is a must.

10 Reasons you should take an organized Hawaii Volcano Tour

  1. Most people have limited time. Tours are designed to see the important sites in the limited time. On your own you will lose time figuring out directions and parking.
  2. You probably won’t discover something special on your own.
  3. Because volcanic conditions are always changing, tour guides must adapt the tour. They have more information to do that than a visitor on his/her own.
  4. Organized tours are prepared with restroom stops and food stops. On your own on the Big Island, you could go hours without finding either.
  5. Tour guides have answers to your questions. It’s hard to go see active volcanoes and not have questions about geology, history, or about what it’s like living near one. Guides have great stories to share so you leave with more than just photos.
  6. Admission to the park is included.
  7. You are chauffeured in comfort.
  8. Buses have high windows for better viewing.
  9. You’ll meet new people, most of whom will be happy to take photos for you.
  10. There are many hidden dangers that you will avoid on an organized Hawaii Volcano Tour.

Check out our recommended Hawaii Volcano Tours.

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View of Kilauea Iki Crater from lookout stop on an organized Hawaii volcano tour.  Background crater is Halema’uma’u with steam rising. Photo courtesy https://flic.kr/p/cjxrtm


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