This activity is located on: Big Island

Oahu to Hilo & Volcano Adventure Tour


Witness the beauty of land transformation on a one day fly away from Oahu to the Big Island with round-trip airfare this tour take you to the top attractions within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Please call 808-900-6070 or use contact form to check availability.  Tours run Monday, Wednesday and Friday's.

Explore the Kilauea Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in style with Polynesian Adventure Tours. Drive along Chain of Craters Road to see 5 different volcanic craters and steam vents, then visit Big Island's most iconic waterfall.


  • Roundtrip Airfare from Oahu
  • Visit the Most Popular destinations in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
  • Include stops at Halemaumau Crater, Kilauea Visitor Center, Steam Vents
  • Picnic lunch is included
  • Chain of Craters Road scenic drive; sections covered by lava in 2018 Kilauea eruption
  • Devastation Trail stroll down a paved path to see the evidence of the Kilauea eruption
  • Rainbow Falls waterfall cascades to a pool below, rainbows magically form in the mist

Activity Times:

6:00 AM

Activity Duration:

12 Hours

Upgrade Options:

No upgrades available

What’s Included?

  • Round-Trip Airfare on Hawaiian Airlines
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
  • Expert, Live Narration


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Lava activity is unpredictable & never guaranteed.


Get a good night's sleep so you can rise bright and early for this day of exploring! A quick flight to the Big Island. When conditions are good, a glimpse of the island in the golden morning sunlight greets you and gets you excited for the day ahead.

Volcanoes dramatically impact the shape of Hawaii’s landscape. But it isn't just fiery lava rolling over everything in its wake. With destruction also comes new creation. While on tour you see the so-called Trail of Devastation, a path that vividly shows the destruction after a 1959 eruption. You see the Kilauea Iki Overlook and the Chain of Craters, both remnants of long-past volcanic activity. But you also see the beauty that follows the devastation. Kealakomo Overlook provides you with panoramic coastal views. After a visit to the Volcano National Park, your guide will take you to Rainbow falls. Here the rain has shaped the land into a lush jungle landscape within which impressive waterfalls up to 442ft in height come crashing down, creating rainbows in the mist.

After a day of natural encounters, Hilo town is a quaint refuge. See famous Banyan Drive, a road lined with massive banyan trees, Richardson’s black beach and the beautiful Liliuokalani Gardens. From Hilo, you catch your flight back to Oahu. By around 9 PM, you're back in Honolulu with many new and unforgettable memories.

Know before you book:

  • Inter-island flights are subject to the same laws and regulations of all commercial air transportation. You must present valid, government-issued photo ID for your flights (passport or local ID).
  • All other TSA regulations apply, such as the ban on liquids.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Dress appropriately for moderate walking.
  • Bring a light jacket.
  • Routes and stops may be modified based on weather, traffic, and National or State Park advisories.
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