Hawaii Volcano Night Tour

Adults: $229.00
Children: $199.00

Nothing lights up the night sky like a volcano. When you’re on the Explore the Night Volcano tour, you’ll venture inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and have a chance to witness these great wonders as they sometimes put on a better show than fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Important Volcano Tour Information:

  • Places Visited – Punalu’u Bake Shop, Visitors Center & Black Sand Beach, Ka’u Coffee Mill and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (steam vents, summit caldera, cinder fields, rain forest, and lava tube).
  • Meal Inclusions – Lunch, dinner, assorted juices and water.
  • Gear Provided – Walking Sticks, Warm Wear and Rain Ponchos.
  • Weather Conditions – You may encounter warm, cool, windy and raining conditions during the day. Be prepared for mud if it has rained.
  • What to Bring – Dress in layers, have comfortable close-toe shoes (required) and bring a light jacket to keep warm.
  • Tour Difficulty – Easy to Moderate; Guests should be able to hike on uneven paths or rocky terrain. Not recommended for children under the age of 5.

But with so many volcanoes on the Big Island, it’s hard to see all of them in a single evening. That’s why our Explore the Night Volcano tour starts a little early and promises an amazing journey. Check it out and book your tickets not.

What You’ll See

Our Explore the Night Volcano tour beings in the afternoon.Your guide will lead you around the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. See a real volcano up close and personal and learn how these magificent wonders have shaped Hawaii’s history and culture.

From there, you will be driven through Ka‘u country on the southern part of the island. As we go along, you see firsthand how the volcanoes affect Hawaiians’ lives as you pass several historic lava flows.

Next, it’s time to stop for lunch, and there’s no place better than the Punalu’u Bake Shop & Visitor Center. Pick up a tasty trip and take it easy. The rest of the trip will include some light walking so make sure you eat a hearty lunch.

Once lunch is finished, your tour guide will take you to one of Hawaii’s most famous black beaches, Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. There your tour guide will explain exactly what gives this beach its unique color, and you’ll be able to see sea turtles hanging out in the sand.

Big Island Coffee Stop

After getting your feet wet, it’s time for a visit to Ka‘u Coffee Mill. You may rely on your morning Joe to get you going in the day, but you’ve probably never seen the coffee production process up close before. Your guide will lead you through the Ka’u’s coffee fields and show you how the coffee goes from bean to grounds. You’ll also get to sample the coffee and macadamia nuts – all produced on the Big Island.

As soon as everyone’s had a sip of coffee, it will be time to break for dinner in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where your guide will assess the weather conditions and decide on the best place to view Kilauea’s eruption. On most nights, your guide will lead you to Jagger Museum where you can easily see the red glowing lava below.

The tour finishes up with a ride back to your hotel. Depending on the weather, we may pass through Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa and stop to stargaze. If this is your first time to Hawaii, then no other night sky will ever compare.


Tour Includes:
Lunch, assorted juices, snacks and bottled water during the tour. Dinner provided at a local cafe in or near the park. Walking Sticks, Warm Wear and Rain Ponchos.

Tour Schedule:
This is a late morning to evening tour with pick up beginning around 9 am to 10 am. Round trip transportation provided from major hotels in Kona, Waikoloa and Kohala. Tour time is approximately 12 hours round trip.

Volcanoes National Park
Big Island Volcanoes National Park

Vog is volcanic fog. It is similar to smog in that it is dirty with particles that are not in typical fog.

Vog is formed when gases from the erupting volcano get into the air, mix with sunlight, oxygen and moisture.

Like smog, vog is not healthy for humans, plants or animals. Many people living near Kilaeau, experience headaches and respitory issues from vog.

Visitors on our tours will see and breath vog, but we rarely have visitors who complain of health issues as a result. Generally, complaints come more often from prolonged exposure by those living near the volcano.

Nevertheless, we encourage all visitors to pay attention to their bodies and take the following precautions:

– Drink lots of fluids
– Don’t overexert
– Don’t smoke

Does vog smell like sulfer?
A little bit.

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