Is spending your entire vacation in a hotel room watching time pass you by your idea of fun? Do you like to play it safe and dine only at places you’ve seen on the mainland? Does a trip to the grocer give you anxiety? If any of these things describe you, chances are this guide is not for you! We’re appealing to the traveling thrillseekers; the adrenaline junkies that get their highs from risking some part of themselves. Sure, Hawaii can be an incredible family-friendly place, but it also has a wild side to be experienced.

From Oahu to Maui, adventure awaits all those that search for it.

Zipping to Adventure

Zipping to Adventure

Ever wonder what it would feel like to explore miles of a beautiful region at speeds of up to 60 mph without being stuck inside a stuffy vehicle? Scattered across the islands if Maui, Oahu, and Kauai, speed demons can strap themselves to a miles-long metallic line and zoom over tree canopies in a variety of Hawaii zipline experiences.

Zip lining is the perfect adventure, even for those looking for mild thrills. Great for children with no fear and adults wanting amazing views of the island, zip lining is quick, easy, and even allows riders the opportunity to take stunning pictures on the way down. That is, of course, if you’re brave enough to open your eyes.

The Wild Side of Water

The Wild Side of Water

Snorkeling is a great and very popular activity for tourists to take part in around the Hawaiian Islands. Thrillseekers may want to sink themselves into the clear waters off the coasts of Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island, but the adventure in snorkeling may not be striking enough for them. For more excitement, the deep blue calls out to those that want to explore the dark depths and get in touch with the aquatic wonders that wait.

Through a variety of tours across the islands, Hawaii’s batch of adventurous visitors can enjoy a journey into the gorgeous coastal waters fettered only by the amount of air in the oxygen tank. It’s highly recommended to bring an underwater camera to share this unbeatable adventure.

A view from Above

A View from Above

With so many ways to experience adventure in Hawaii, there’s a wonder as to how thrilling your exploration can be. How about touring the island’s greatest volcanos from the relative safety of a doorless helicopter? There are few greater adrenaline jolts than the one travelers will get from looking into the belly of these mountainous beasts without the impedance of glass in the way.

Over towering volcanoes on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai, you’ll get to see a side of Hawaii that more timid tourists will miss out on. Another great means of fulfilling that needed adrenaline rush while getting the most out of your Hawaiian vacation.

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