Will I see lava on a volcano tour?

Everyone who visits Hawaii Volcanoes National Park wants to see lava.  You go there hoping to see lava fountaining into the air like on a National Geographic magazine.

Sorry to tell you, most visitors do not see lava.

Unlikely lava on a volcano tour

Here’s why: Lava is dangerous. As soon as lava is fountaining or flowing in a certain area, Hawaii Civil Defense determines if it is safe to allow people near it.  Usually it is not safe and the area is closed off.

How to see lava on a volcano tour

The best way to be sure you will see lava is to take a helicopter volcano tour. You will see it from hundreds of feet away, but it is still magnificent.

The chances of seeing lava from a helicopter are very high, but not guaranteed. Volcanoes are extremely unpredictable. Volcanic activity changes every day. The lava flow moves and the surface cools.

Do not make the mistake of going on a volcano tour to see lava. There are so many other reasons to go on a volcano tour. Our volcanoes have an amazing history, cultural significance, biological uniqueness, geological wonder, and a beauty like no other place in the world.

People who go just to see lava and don’t see it are disappointed.  People who go to appreciate everything else about the volcano enjoy themselves. If you do see lava on a volcano tour, it is a bonus and you are a lucky one.

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