Kilauea Volcano Last Eruption

Kilauea Volcano: Big Island’s Last Eruption

It may surprise you, but the last eruption on Big Island wasn’t thousands of years ago. In fact, it’s been going on for a while now. In 1983, Kilauea – one of Big Island’s youngest volcanoes and the star of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – began erupting, sending smoke, ash and

Big Island Volcano Movies

Big Island Volcanoes on the Big Screen

The Big Island volcanoes helped create the Hawaiian islands, but they can be dangerous, destructive and deadly. No one knows that better than Hollywood studios. Ever since The Last Days of Pompeii, movie studios have been showcasing the true destruction and devastation that volcanoes cause. Not all of them, of course, have featured the Big Island


How to make the most of a visit to Kilauea

One of Hawaii’s greatest attractions is its volcanoes – especially its youngest, Kilauea. These great volcanoes created the Hawaiian Islands, and every year, thousands of locals and tourists come to see the great volcanoes and learn more about these wonders of nature. Of course, visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park –

Kilauea - 1954 Eruption

Kilauea: Book a tour or DIY?

No visit to Hawaii is complete without a stop at Kilauea. The world’s most active volcano never fails to put on a show, and if you’re looking to learn more about volcanoes and what causes them, Kilauea is the best place to go. In general, there are two ways to

Visiting Hilo

Visiting Hilo – 5 Must-See Attractions

If you’re planning a visit to the Hawaiian Islands, then there’s no way you can leave without visiting Hilo – the largest city on the island. Centered around Hilo Bay, Hilo is considered the “gateway” to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In fact, the park itself is located just 45 minutes